Pronto Remote

The Pronto is a programmable remote with a LCD screen. You can program the screen to display any buttons that you want.

Gone are the days of having to program a custom function on standard buttons on an ‘all in one’ device. I can now program a button with the relevant name.

Using the resources on the Remote Central website , many of the devices already have all of the codes available.

I have the Pronto RU940 which is known as TS-2000 in the US. The UK model is silver not dark grey.

My ccf file is here. It controls the following: Sony KV-28FX20 TV, Panasonic NV-HD635B VCR, Sony DVP-S536D DVD, Yamada 5520 DVD, Pace 4000 NTL cable and B-Tech Quattro+ BT941 SCART switch

my pronto example screens

Unfortunately, I discovered the hard way, that it is not as resistant as a normal remote control, when my son dropped my previous Pronto RU890 onto the corner of a table.

pronto with broken screen

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